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How To Literally WRITE Any Size Paycheck You Like, As Often As You Like...

By Dan Kennedy

When you master the art-and-science of writing powerful direct-response copy for sales letters, postcards, brochures, catalogs, and ads, you can literally write any size paycheck you wish. Being able to create "salesmanship in print" that works multiplies you 100, 1,000, 10,000 times over. It is one of the highest-paid activities that I know of.

"But I Can't Write." Maybe not. But remember, "salesmanship in print" ignores all the rules of good grammar. It requires no literary talent or judgement whatsoever. It defies most rules of journalism. It sends English teachers into the streets, weeping, wailing and knashing their teeth. It even befuddles most advertising professionals. So, if you "can't write", you're probably a perfect candidate to learn to write great direct-response copy! I happen to believe just about anybody can do this. And I've created a very powerful shortcut, 'crash course' in the ins-and-outs of copywriting. Actually, I tape-recorded a special small-group "Copywriting Clinic" I held for members of my Inner Circle, in Los Angeles. It cost $195.00 to attend, but I'll give you the "guts" of the entire Workshop on 6 Audio Cassettes, with the Notes, for just $129.00. And I'll throw in a Critique Coupon (worth $100.00) as a bonus.

At this Workshop, I covered 97 specific tricks-of-the-trade. You can count 'em as you listen to these tapes. And they're listed in the Outline Notes. Each one is hard-learned, valuable, powerful and important. What's each one worth? Ten bucks? That'd make this a $1,000.00 program. $50? That'd put this program's price at $5,000.00. As you can see, $129 is pretty darned cheap. I'll probably regret being this generous. But I do love to show off!

I Know 97 Specific "Tricks" to Creating Copy That Reach Out and Suck Money Right Out of Peoples' Wallets Like An Out-Of-Control Vacuum Cleaner Monster - How Many of My Tricks Would You Like to Know?

"Copywriting Clinic"
by Dan Kennedy.....$129.00

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