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Special Magnetic Marketing Supplements Now Available.

By Dan Kennedy

My most popular product continues to be THE MAGNETIC MARKETING SYSTEM. Well over a million dollars worth of these systems are sold each year, with a strong guarantee, and with a 96% satisfaction rate. If you do NOT own this System, it is almost mandatory as a means of understanding and implementing my marketing strategies.

There is a MAGNETIC MARKETING SUPPLEMENT specifically for Dentists and Chiropractors now available. You must own or purchase the Magnetic Marketing System as a Prerequisite to obtaining the Supplement. The Supplement provides sample letters, letter sequences, and other marketing documents specifically for use by these two professions, in implementing Magnetic Marketing.

There is also a MAGNETIC MARKETING SUPPLEMENT specifically for the Network/Multi-Level Marketing Business. Again, having the Magnetic Marketing System is a prerequisite to obtaining the Supplement.

"I've used a lot of your ideas, with the latest success wrinkle being 'your choice'…I created three levels of packages…I've had a near 75% up-sell from $2.95 to $50.00 on my recorded message!"

-Mark Smith, Expert In Trade Show Selling, Colorado Springs, CO

"In 1993, I attended Peter Lowe's Success day in St. Paul, MN. I purchased both sets of your tapes (including Magnetic Marketing) and promptly set to work. Although my company has a direct-mail program that I participate in, I had not developed any type of follow-up of my own. Using your system, I did so and am very pleased with my results. I tripled my sales results and increased my referrals by 100% based on what I've learned from you. Thank you!"

-Karen Popken, Mary Kay Independent Senior Sales Director, Apple Valley, MN

"Chiropractor/Dentist Supplement" by Dan Kennedy.....$199.00

"Multi-Level Marketing Supplement" by Dan Kennedy.....$49.00

"Magnetic Marketing Toolkit"
by Dan Kennedy......$399.00

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