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The "Midas Touch" Library

By Dan Kennedy


4 Audio Cassettes summarize the information originally featured in Dan Kennedy's full-day seminars on successful marketing strategies for any business. Entrepreneur Magazine said that Dan "has at least 101 moneymaking strategies for any business." Here's what you'll discover on these tapes:

  • Little Known Psychological Secrets Of Stimulating Maximum Referrals & Word-Of-Mouth Advertising

  • How One Simple Piece Of Paper And Just 60 Seconds Of Conversation Can Double Your Customer Base In 30 Days Or Less

  • Combine Target Marketing And Testimonial Marketing To Spark Super-High Response And Pre-empt Price/Fee Resistance

  • Three Simple Steps To Direct Mail Success

  • Two Main Criteria For Choosing Productive Mailing Lists

  • THE Secret Factor That Controls Response To Sales Letters

  • Six Ways To Enhance Your Offer, Make It A Most Powerful MAGNET

  • Fourteen Quick & Easy Rules For Maximizing Impact Advertising

  • THE One Mistake NEVER To Make When Offering Discounts

  • Increase Frequency of Purchasing Of Customers

  • How To Prevent Sales Slumps

  • Why "Turnover" Is Not Negative

  • THE Fastest Way To Get Big Increases from Any Sales Organization

  • How To Combine "Marketing" With A Live Sales Force

  • The Two Kinds Of "Bias" That Guarantee Maximum Growth And Profits For Any Business

  • What You Must Remember About Trends -"Win By Price, Lose By Price": How To Sell More By Raising Prices And Having Higher Prices Than Competitors'

"Midas Touch Marketing".....$69.00


4 Audio Cassettes present the key concepts, principles and strategies that Dan moves from the world of 'direct marketing' to supercharge any business or sales career. Here' what you'll discover on these tapes:

  • How to replace Traditional & Ordinary Advertising with Direct-Response Advertising

  • How to Make Good Advertising Decisions - THE Economic Principle that Should Govern ALL Advertising Investments

  • How to Increase the Value of Each of your Customers

  • The Secret Reason Why Your Competitor(s) Succeed in Wooing Away Your Customers

  • How to avoid "Growing Broke"

  • How to Profitably use Mailing Lists

  • OFFERS: Why & How To Structure Offers Differently For Different Markets, For The Same Business

  • Seven "Magic Tricks" to add OOMPH!!! to your Offers

  • When to use different Direct-Mail Formats - How to GUARANTEE that YOUR Mail Will Be Opened

  • Three Hurdles the Headline or First Sentence Must Leap Over, Or Nothing Else You Do Matters

  • How to "Move" People Through Your Copy

  • How to Recognize and "Copycat" the "Look" of a Successful Sales Letter, Ad, Brochure, Coupon, Etc.

  • If you can sell, you can write powerful Sales Letters

"Midas Touch Direct Marketing".....$69.00


19 Secrets of Exceptional Results Selling. Dan's very different approach pre-empts objections, eliminates price resistance, creates consultive positioning, utilizes 'Takeaway Selling' more. Here's what you'll discover on these tapes:

  • How to Pre-Empt and Prevent Price Objections AND how to Destroy "Cheaper" Competition

  • How to Get to the Decision-Maker, Fast

  • How to use Openness and Honesty - in a surprising way - to gain an Extra Edge in Selling

  • If President Bush had used this SECRET (which he now uses very effectively in his speeches) in the election, there never would have been a President Clinton

  • Why and How to use Proven Selling FORMULAS

  • The Five Keys to Peak MENTAL Preparation for Each Selling Situation

  • THE all-time #1 best Closing Technique - THE only closing technique you need!

  • Apply Dan's TAKEAWAY SELLING - so people jump through hoops and just about beg to be your customers/clients/patients

  • How to imperceptibly, even secretly CONTROL the outcome of every conversation

  • The SEVEN SECRETS of 'MAXIMUM PERSONAL INFLUENCE' - use them to transform your entire selling experience

"Midas Touch Selling".....$69.00


The Complete Midas Touch Library - all three of the above programs, a savings from their individual prices of $69.00 x 3 = $207.00. (You save $68.00).

"The Complete Midas Touch Library".....$139.00

"To my speaking colleagues: I've said it before and I'll say it again - there is no one who knows more about the real world of speaking than Dan Kennedy. When it comes to knowledge of how to organize, market, sell and build products and services at a profit, Dan Kennedy has no equal. For over a decade, I have utilized Dan's ideas in my own speaking, training and consulting business. As a consequence, we have been fortunate enough to show consistent growth and continue to do so. I recommend Dan's services highly."

-William T. Brooks, CSP, CPAE, CPCM, The Brooks Group, Greensboro, NC

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