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How To Get The Money You Need For Any Business Adventure

By Dan Kennedy

I wonder how many people procrastinate, excuse themselves from pursuing a good idea or opportunity, or are immobilized By THE BELIEF THAT they do not have and cannot get the money they need to move ahead?

Many would-be entrepreneurs and expansion-minded entrepreneurs are handcuffed by lack of capital. Well, putting together venture capital or loans IS a giant pain in the hind end, there's no doubt about it and no way around it - but there are times in every entrepreneur's life when he has to do it. Don Dwyer, one of the most successful franchisors I know, views "getting the money" as a test of character, resolve and belief in your idea. And, for many people, passing this 'test' not only gets the financial handcuffs off; it also creates new confidence and freedom to act boldly in other ways, too. There have been a number of times in my life when I've had to pull together business capital out of thin air, in "impossible" circumstances, and I believe I can help you too.

The Official Millionaire - MoneyMaker System:
How To Get The Money You Need For Any Business Venture

Take off the handcuffs!!! - you can get the money you need for any worthwhile product, idea or venture.

How many of these "keys" would be valuable to you, right now?

  1. How to raise money for 'new ideas'.

  2. How to find and motivate private individuals to lend or invest.

  3. The 3 best strategies for wiping out investors' fears; where most business capital really comes from.

  4. How to make your personal credit a 'non-issue'.

  5. How to assemble a convincing, persuasive business plan document.

  6. How to structure deals so you get the money you need without losing control.

  7. Even how to buy a going business with little or no money down and convert it to new capital.

This Information Has Already Produced Money In An Incredible Variety Of Situations!

This information in THE MONEY SYSTEM has raised millions of dollars for start-ups, saved businesses in trouble, reorganized businesses, and provided expansion funds for businesses in dozens of different fields. I've got testimonials from an import company, a food company, a whitewater rapids expeditions company, publishers, the "no money down" buyer of a hotel, you name-it!

NO Theories, NO Textbook Stuff, Nothing 'Normal' At All!

In case you have any doubt, there's just about nothing in this System you'd ever find in a 'normal' book on this subject. You see, I've personally used every strategy in here - invented a few of them - for myself and for my clients, so you're getting the bare-knuckles, real world stuff, not the fancy-schmantzy, proper, professional theory that sounds great in a book but falls apart like a cheap suit in a rainstorm if you try to use it.

The Trick Is Getting The Money You Need Without Giving Up Control Over Your Business Or Forever Mortgaging Your Home, Kids, Dog And First Draft Right To Your Grandkids

If you've ever sat across the desk from a banker and discussed conventional business financing, you know that he wants everything you've got on the line. Not even your little girl's piggy bank will be safe. Or if you've ever talked seriously with a professional venture capitalist, you know he wants majority ownership, controlling interest - basically, he wants you to work for him. But there ARE ways...

Did you know that you can pre-negotiate releases of personal collateral and personal guarantees from bank loans? Did you know that the SBA's reputation for being "impossible" and "impossibly slow" may be undeserved? - if you knew just one little secret. Did you know that there are proven 'formulas' for taking in venture capital while giving up very tiny pieces of ownership and never giving up control? These are just a few of the "little secrets" that can make a huge difference in your financial picture, all revealed in this System.

And, The Money System Is An Exceptional Bargain

If you need money, the last thing you need is a big, fat price tag on the information aimed at helping you! That's why I'm now offering THE MONEY SYSTEM at its absolute, lowest-ever, rock-bottom price. In various versions, this System has sold for as much as $250.00, been featured on national television twice, and licensed from me and sold to Hume Publishing's Successful Business Management students. And the catalog price is just $199.00.


  1. Anyone in need of financing and/or investment capital to start a business, bring a new idea to life, reorganize a business or expand a business.

  2. Anyone interested in acquiring a going business with little or no money - as a first business or as a means of expanding or diversifying an existing business.

  3. Anyone who has given up on "conventional sources".

"...what this all comes down to, Dan, and that I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have spent hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars with you over the past couple of years and here I am thanking you for it! I can honestly say that I have made well over 20 times the investment with your information. It's all straightforward, "no BS", real."

-Michael J. Mendenhall, Monterey, CA

"The Money System"
by Dan Kennedy.....$199.00

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