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Dan Kennedy says he's never met a "giant" in entrepreneurship or marketing who is not a very serious student. And we've seen that Dan's serious students reap extraordinary results; you've seen a glimpse of that in the user comments at the bottom of all the pages in this website. So, maybe this is the time for you to step up to "very serious student status". If you do, you'll save over 42% off the website prices and get EVERYTHING IN THIS WEBSITE. Every book, every tape program, every tool kit, every resource. If you purchased all these items individually, you'd invest $5,174.40. Buy this MOTHER-LODE, get everything at once, and claim a huge discount of $2,197.40… invest only $2,995.00

Note: You probably already own a few items in this website, but with the MOTHER-LODE, you are getting everything at more than 42% off… so anything you may already own becomes immaterial compared to the bargain you're getting! Suggestion: give any duplicate items you receive to friends, associates, or clients. Give the gift of knowledge and everyone wins!

Bonus: With the MOTHER-LODE, you'll get all the free gifts we offer.

"The Mother of all Offers"
Everything in this Website.....$2,995.00

"The Mother of all Offers with CDs"
Everything in this Website.....$3,015.00

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