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"Get the First Totally New, Full-Day Seminar Presented by Dan Kennedy in 5 Years - Delivered to Your Living Room."
'Customer Appreciation Seminar Tapes' by Dan Kennedy

"Only 115 people were permitted to attend Dan's recent, closed door, 2-day Seminar where he revealed ALL of his most prized, most powerful and most profitable copywriting techniques."
'Basic/Deluxe Copywriting Seminar In-A-Box' by Dan Kennedy

"Advise and Profit! - How To Create Exceptional Income As A Consultant."
'The Home Study Consulting Business' by Kennedy/Eldridge

"Special Magnetic Marketing Supplements Now Available."
'Chiropractor/Dentist and Multi-Level Marketing Supplements' and the 'Magnetic Marketing Toolkit' by Dan Kennedy

"How 'MAGNETIC MARKETING' Will Change Your Business Life Forever- Amazingly Powerful Advertising, Marketing, Direct Marketing, Customer/Client Attraction and Persuasion Strategies REVEALED."
'MAGNETIC MARKETING System Toolkit'(a Dan Kennedy product)

"How To Get The Money You Need For Any Business Adventure."
'The Money System' by Dan Kennedy

"How To Literally WRITE Any Size Paycheck You Like, As Often As You Like..."
'Copywriting Clinic' by Dan Kennedy

"How To Sneak In And Hear All The Information Marketing and Direct Marketing Super-Experts Cheap."
'Direct Marketing Super Conferences Tapes' by Dan Kennedy

"How would you like to have me - Dan Kennedy - sitting in your office, waiting, 'on call', to leap to attention and give you my very best advice, answer, or strategy any minute you need it, day or night?"
'Power Points' and 'Power Points w/ CD-ROM' by Dan Kennedy

"How To Make $20,000.00 An Hour Without A Gun For Professional Speakers and People Seriously Interested in the Business of Speaking"
'Mega Success Speaking Business System' by Dan Kennedy

"How To Turn Your Ideas Into A Million Dollars."
'Inventor's Friend System' by Dan Kennedy

"How To Make Enormous Amounts Of Money Packaging & Marketing Information."
'The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur Super Manual' by Dan Kennedy

"How To Write Million Dollar Ads, Sales Letters, And Web Marketing Pieces."
'How to Write Million Dollar Ads, Sales Letters, and Web Marketing Pieces' by Bob Serling

"How To Obtain Premiums, Giveaways and Promotional Merchandise At Discounts So Huge and Prices So Cheap You'll Feel Like You're Stealing!"
'Promotional Close-Out Manual' by Dan Kennedy

The 'Midas Touch Library' by Dan Kennedy

"The Dan Kennedy Bookstore!"

Eavesdrop on Dan Kennedy's "Platinum Inner-Circle Mastermind" Group, the "Navy Seals" of Marketing

Dan Kennedy’s New Marketing, Direct Marketing & Success Conference - Listen In On Dan's Biggest, Grandest, Most Valuable, Most Extraordinary Marketing, Direct Marketing & Success Conference Ever

"The Mother of all Offers!"
'The Mother of all Offers' - Everything in this website!

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