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How To Obtain Premiums, Giveaways and Promotional Merchandise At Discounts So Huge and Prices So Cheap You'll Feel Like You're Stealing!

By Dan Kennedy

How You Can Buy Every Imaginable Kind Of Merchandise For Re-Sale Or Promotional Purposes At 50% To 80% Below WHOLESALE, Even In Surprisingly Small Quantities

I'm going to REVEAL the exciting close-out, surplus and liquidation industry. This may be a whole new source for you of what I call "promotional merchandise": items you use as traffic-builders, gifts as response incentives, and premiums. Or it may even represent new business opportunity. We'll discuss both.

How Business Owners And Marketers Get Thousands Of Different Products To Use As "Response Builders" At Near-Giveaway Prices

As you probably know, I usually favor the use of premiums and bonuses rather than discounts....bonuses can and do drive sales.... gifts can and do increase response to all types of advertising, for lead generation or traffic-building. In creatively structuring offers, I sometimes use multiple bonuses, so that the value of the bonuses exceed the price of the core product or service. But, where do you get great premiums at pennies on the dollar?

The answer is the Close-Out Industry - a business that "insiders" have kept to themselves for years. As soon as you know "who, what, where and how", you can buy at far-below-wholesale (not below retail; below wholesale!), even without buying in quantity... gift, jewelry, electronics, gadgets, toys... try:

  • 100 Brand-Name Fashion Watches - at just $7.00 each

  • $99 PIERRE CARDIN Luggage Sets - at $9.00 each

  • OLEG CASSINI travel alarm clocks, $3.00

  • BIC Executive Pens, a buck a dozen

  • Even "hot" 'As Seen On TV' merchandise - at 20-cents on the dollar?

  • Like "famous name, TV advertise" wiper blades... massively advertised at $19.95 to $29.95....in discount stores no lower than $9.95... yours for $1.00.

  • Luggage, knives, sporting goods, packaging supplies, movies, specialty video tapes, tools, jewelry, even lingerie... run a clothing store?

How about advertising a real leather men's wallet FREE with any purchase? (They cost you just one dollar.)

... own a restaurant? - how about a Valentine's Day Promotion, giving away a Cubic-Z Tennis Bracelet FREE to every lady?! (They cost you $2.70. Gift-boxed. And lay these out next to a $199 cubic-z tennis bracelet from a jewelry store and you can't tell the difference.)

... own a travel agency? Give away a 35-MM Camera with strap, case and 5-year warranty to new customers. (They cost you $7.00.)... in the carpet cleaning business? Give away a FREE CEILING FAN with every whole-house job or for a referral? (They cost you $11.50.)

You name the product, service or business and there are matching premiums available at dirt-cheap prices. If you can't find great promotion ideas in my Manual about the Close-Out Industry, you're brain dead. But, this IS a "hidden industry." Each year, it moves BILLIONS of dollars of merchandise and there are warehouses overflowing with huge inventories, begging for buyers - yet the insiders jealously guard this business and do not publicize it. Well, I've been personally profiting from this industry for years and I'm spilling the beans. And, once you have ACCESS, it is ridiculously EASY to step in, be an insider, and grab these super-bargains as you wish.

Think of my Manual as THE GOLDEN KEY that opens up the doors to this giant cafeteria of products at pennies, nickels and dimes on the dollar. How can you afford NOT getting this key?

Maybe You'll Even Find New Ways To Make Money Through The Close-Out Industry

There are lots of people who have created spare time, part-time, even full-time businesses out of the close-out industry. For example, one of the "plans" introduced in my Manual is: 'Weekend Wealth - How To Run Cheap Little Classified Ads And Make $500 Or More Every Saturday, Without Leaving Home.'

There's also opportunity as a Promotional Merchandise Consultant, helping merchants develop unusual advertising and promotion campaigns and supplying them with premiums, at a significant mark-up, obtained through the close-out industry.

You can even "switch sides" and businesses with excess inventories, over-stocks, and other goods they are eager to move in bulk, at a deep discount, and broker it to major close-out buyers and traders, earning finder's fees with no investment on your part.

By the way, this industry throws its major shows and exhibitions in great destination cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, so you can combine some tax-deductible fun with a buying trip.

You're Denying Yourself A Powerful Moneymaking Weapon By Ignoring This Information

This Manual is a key. Access. Doors opened, contacts revealed. Because everything is revealed simply and concisely, anyone could easily photocopy this Manual, so we cannot offer our usual guarantee to this offer . (This Manual is not returnable for a refund.) Every detail needed to be an instant insider in this incredible industry is included. Get this Manual and grab your share of the close-out industry's remarkable bargains and opportunities.

This information has been sold as a "business opportunity" for as much as $299.00. Our original price for the Manual was $99.00. Now it's been up-dated and is yours at a new lower price - just $79.00.

"Dan Kennedy's reputation for teaching people how to make money in direct mail is second to none on this planet. Direct marketing industry heavyweights everywhere turn to Dan on a daily basis, and willingly pay huge sums of money for his no-nonsense approach. His cash-generating ideas overflow like Niagara Falls!"

-Raymond Aaron, Toronto, Canada

"Promotional Close-Out Manual"
by Dan Kennedy.....$79.00

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